Bipolar and Intense Anger – Causes of Intense Anger and Rage

Category: Bipolar

Often someone with an anger issue can be seen to have a problem with their personality and not as a clear symptom of Bipolar Disorder. The anger seen in a person with Bipolar Disorder is sometimes frequent and unreasonable reactions that would not normally cause anger in a typical person. This kind of anger is seen in a person who suffers from either depression or mania, both states experienced in a person who is bipolar.

The intense anger and rage can often be directed at objects or people. This anger is commonly shown in actions such as slamming doors, punching walls, or physical abuse of another person. The person or persons on the receiving end of these actions should be aware that they are not the direct cause or trigger of the angry outburst and that it is not something they personally should feel responsible for causing. A person with Bipolar Disorder can say or do things in anger that they normally would not say or do. The person the anger is directed towards will often fear the person with Bipolar. This is a common experience in a Bipolar relationship.

The intense anger in a person with Bipolar Disorder is difficult to predict as there is usually no indication in a circumstance that triggers the intense anger. The anger is something that can be treated in Bipolar Disorder.

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