Why Are Some People so Quick to Anger?

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Most people think the basic signs of depression are just being unhappy, and having no interest in interactive activities. Some people with depression show other signs that may not be thought of as depression.

The person who is suffering from depression may not even think of themselves as being depressed. The person can be miserable, have a very short temper, restless, and can have an overall ‘mean’ attitude towards others they interact with. Moods like this can be a part of a persons overall disposition. The moods can affect the persons typical sleep patterns.

One typical sign is the loss of interest in activities the person normally enjoyed. This doesn’t mean they will be in a sad, uninterested mood, but could show it as anger and frustration.

There can be an obsession with unpleasant thoughts such as past failures. The thoughts are difficult to control in a person who is depressed. There can be signs of slow or poor memory skills. Sleep and eating patterns can change – either to excessive sleep and overeating to very little sleep and loss of appetite.

People with depression can feel exaggerated physical pain such as frequent aches and headaches. Every little discomfort can be felt as an exaggerated pain. This classification of depression is called Major Depression.

Other symptoms common with major depression are – feelings of guilt, low energy, inability to concentrate, and obsessive worry. Major depression can cause major changes in basic needs of food, sleep, and sexual pleasure. Being in a ‘bad’ mood does not automatically mean the person has Major Depression – A diagnosis from a medical doctor is recommended before calling it depression. Major Depression is a very serious form of depression.

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